Why you hit a plateau and how to SMASH through one!

May 28, 2017


Let me guess... 


You have been training hard, balls to the wall! Things are going great, you made a ton of awesome gains on your new training cycle.


Time goes on, and you start to see your progress coming to a halt. You think it's 'okay' but then things start to get bad, and you start to get frustrated. Now your pissed... The gain train has come to a stop. 


What did you do? The program promised all these results... 


Where do you turn now? The world is ending... 


PLATEAUS.... Let's talk about why they happen, and how to SMASH through them! 


Most of the time plateaus actually happen because your body adapts to the training program. A lot of people I talk to have been on the same program for the last 2-3 years, and that majorly concerns me. 


The reason people get such great "noobie gains" in the beginning is because they body is not used to the training stimulus and thus creates great results in strength or physique changes. 


Here are my top 3 reasons why training plateaus occur:

- Program adaptation

- Lack of sleep & poor nutrition

- CNS crash (central nervous system) 


How to SMASH through them..


If your training has been the same you need to switch it up completely to get a new training stimulus. I like to switch up program design usually every 3-6 months. If the program is working steadily I won't change it until it stops. 


If your sleep cycle sucks, this will greatly effect your hormones in your body. For males ( I can only speak for men) your testosterone levels will be all wacked out if your not getting proper sleep, or on a proper sleep schedule. Try to go to bed at the same time every night, and wake up at the same time. 


*If your job does not allow this, that is just an unfortunate circumstance of life. Quit and find a new job, or just deal with it. 




Your body is a high performance sports car. You would not put 87 in a Ferrari, so why would you do it to your body? 


Garbage food is going to give you garbage results. Try your best to eat nutrient dense food, and fuel properly!