What It Takes To Be A Champion -Ft. John Hoke Owner of JVH Performance

I had the pleasure of connection with my friend John Hoke, owner of JVH performance at the Underground Strength Certification. We instantly hit it off and have always stayed in touch ever since.

I saw what John had build with his training facility and I wanted to do the same! He embodies the true champion mindset and practices what he preaches to his athletes. John specializes in speed, strength, conditioning, and total athleticism. Hes a beast!

I asked John to write a message to you guys about what it takes to be a champion, as well as make a video. I hope you enjoy and thank you JVH!

Oh, So You Want To Be A Champion huh?

Here’s How…

Deciding you want to be a champion is the first step. It’s the first step of many that it requires to become a champion. Allow me to be blunt; it will not be easy, it will require you to sacrifice and endure a great deal of pain and discomfort along with a great deal of uncertainty, which leads to doubt, anxiety and pressure. But, don’t cower to any of it! You can, you will, you must keep going bc once you overcome all the adversity you’re going to experience on your way to the top, it will ALL BE WORTH IT!!

If you really want to be a champion, you’re going to have to lock down these four aspects that all champions have:

  1. Purpose- without it a strong purpose you have no direction or greater force pulling you toward your vision. If you have a vision that is driven by a deep, powerful purpose, you will do what it takes to achieve your goals.

  2. Commitment- STAY. THE. COURSE. No matter what happens, Stay The Course!! You must be resilient, attack your weaknesses, learn from failures and move on. I’ve Coached wrestlers to become champions and guess what? Not all of them were undefeated on their way to becoming a champion. In fact, most of them suffered a few losses on their way to the top. The key factor is that they stayed focused and learned from those losses. They Stayed The Course and eventually had their hand raised when it mattered most.

  3. Sacrifice- Plain and simple, if you’re not willing to make sacrifices, you will not be a champion. Champions make whatever sacrifices necessary in order to achieve their goals. A champion views a sacrifice as a requirement to reach their vision. A loser views a sacrifice as a stop sign and quits without even trying. Don’t be a loser. Choose to be a champion every day!

  4. Check Your Ego- Champions don’t allow their ego to hold them back from achieving greatness. Ego is your biggest enemy. You must be willing to learn from others, embrace your weaknesses and invest in a support system that will ultimately help you achieve your vision. You don’t have all the answers, you’re not always right and you will need help from someone other than yourself.

String all of those qualities together and combine them with CONSISTENCY, you’ll surely be a champion. Without consistency, none of those qualities will work in your favor. Being a champion is an every day, every hour, every minute mentality. It’s not about turning it up when it’s show time. Champions do the damn thing regardless of who is watching, what time it is, how good or bad they feel, or how difficult the task is that lies ahead.

Be a champion. Today, tomorrow, always!

Dominate Another Day.

-Coach Hoke

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