The deadlift is an amazing strength movement that everyone should be doing... Heck I even had my grandmom doing them. Shes almost 70. I love your grandmom.

The deadlift is a functional movement essential to everyday life, and if done correctly it will increase your strength like crazy! You want big arms, and to get strong. Deadlift.

The strange thing about me is that it has always been my hardest lift to increase. This has bothered the hell out of me for so long.

If I can clean and jerk almost 400lbs, bench 350, squat over 500, but why does my deadlift barely change?

So I sat myself in a corner and cried my eyes out, then watched some friends, ate some Ben and Jerry's, and gave up on lifting.


Over the years I have tracked what has worked and what hasn't worked.

I put together this short youtube video explaining what I do to increase my deadlift and it's been helping a lot.

Incorporate these tips to your training and you will get better/stronger!

Strong people are hard to kill.

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