Strong as BALLS

Vin the "Alpha Dog" dead lifting 465

So you want to get strong as balls huh?

I get a lot of questions on developing strength...

People will often approach me while I lift, or message me on facebook asking for tips to gain strength... Well here they are ladies and gents!

Tip #1: Start with the basics

When I first started lifting I was all about getting arms and growing my chest to be like Arnold. Welp that was shattered when I got my first personal trainer.

He was 6'7 probably 280 pounds of pure muscle. He told me I was wasting my time with all those curls and what I really needed to do was get myself a date with the squat rack.

To me that was ridiculous, I thought squats were for the birds! But who's going to argue with this giant? So I did what I was told.

We squatted, picked up heavy shit, flipped tires, threw objects, swung sledge hammers, walked long distances with dumbells, and did tons of body weight movements.

This was not what my friends were doing... This was hell.

However after months and months of training, I began to grow stronger. Mentally and physically. My legs blew up to the point where I was put into a school play to show off my leg muscles no lie!

This also was increasing my athletic performance. My trainer was on to something, so I trusted him and the process and continued this training for years to come.

This is where I built the foundation for the house you see now.

If you want to know the secret, Stick to the basics.

Squats, dead lifts, bench, shoulder presses, cleans, carries, sit ups, and odd objects. It's simple, and super effective.

Tip #2: Stay consistent

There is definitely a time and place for changing it up and getting a little chaotic with training but when you are just starting consistency is key. That is how you measure progress, you know what works, and what doesn't!

You need to be on a program, and need to track everything down such as...

-How the workout went, and numbers you hit

-How you feel/what your day was like

-What you ate

-How much sleep you got

-stress levels

Most people will pick some program and stay on it for 1-2 weeks and fall off, that's just the truth. If you want to see real results you need to FINISH the program. Then at the end make changes/assess how it went.

Tip #3: Don't put crap fuel into your body.

If you want to get strong I believe it's 100% training and 100% nutrition... There is no in between. They work synergistic to each other.

You wouldn't put regular in your Ferrari would you? So don't do it to your body.

Most people train super hard in the gym and completely neglect the nutrition aspect of it. If you are looking for strength gains you absolutely need to be making sure you are getting quality food in roughly every 2.5-3 hours.

Here are some basic tips that I follow and really help me stay strong as balls ;]

- 1 gallon of water each day minimum LADIES! YES YOU TOO!

- Meals spread out 2.5-3 hours consisting of protein source, carbs, veggies

- Protein shake post workout follow up with a meal 45 minutes after

- No soda/energy drinks

- Limit sugars/processed foods to best of ability

- Go as organic as possible

Hopefully these quick 3 tips help you to become your strongest version, if you have any questions please e-mail me and I will assist you!

You can also find programs to do on your own I created at my old blog/website by clicking the link---->