What it takes to be a LION!

I've always had a connection with lions ever since I was a child. The lion king was my favorite Disney movie... Still is to this day!

My family crest is made up of lions... which is tattooed on my arm. I will wear it with pride until the day I die.


well let's put it this way... When first looking at a lion, they truly are beautiful animals. They stop and catch your attention immediately. The other thing about lions is that they are respected by all the other animals in the kingdom. No one messes with a lion, or it's pride. It doesn't have to ever show it's teeth, but when it does... You better get running. I really just find interest in something so beautiful can be so deadly...

My goal in life is to be a lion.

What does it mean to be a LION?

"Everyone wants to eat, but few are willing to hunt"

Being the king of the jungle is no easy task... there is a lot of pressure that comes with such a great responsibility. You have to make sure you are taken care of, your pride, and that there is balance in the jungle. Or else all will go to sh*t!

It means the right decisions, even if it means sacrifice or scrutiny...

It means going to bed late and and waking up early...

It means putting in the hours for the hunt while no ones watching...

It means surrounding yourself with the right pride, lions who support your, encourage your, build you up and don't break you down! A pride that is there for you when you take a bite to the throat.

It means keeping back your appetite no matter how delicious the meal looks... However when you do show your teeth, you will be respected by others.

Lions are a rare breed of people... BUT they have a huge impact on the masses...

I'm willing to put everything on the line to be a lion, and teach you how to become a lion... the choice is simply up to you.

Once you make it, there is no going back.

Take some time to think about who you want to become and what it takes to get there...

If your ready, the doors are open to you my friends... Welcome to the pride.

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