Want to improve your press & it's variations? This is the clinic for you! 


We will be diving into the basics of the press and working our way into the jerk (push/split) as the main focus. My goal is to help you dial in your technique and become as efficient as possible. 


With my background in CrossFit to Olympic lifting and now being a top strongman in the country I've become infamous with using jerks in my competition and in training. 


If you want to become competitive in these sports it's essential you understand Pressing/jerks! Minor tweaks can carry over to major changes in your lifts. 


But you don't plan on competing?? You don't need to be a competitor to join in on the fun. You can simply just want to learn the basics and improve yourself! 


Not only will you be able to put up more weight, but you will be using less energy too!


I want to share with you all my knoweldge and help you become a better presser. 


This seminar will be a 2-3 hours and very interactive. You will get hands on coaching with your presses, and leave feeling a better athlete. 


When: Saturday August 24th 10-1pm 

Where: The Lions Den Elite Training Facility 311 Bethlehem Pike Suite K, Colmar PA 18915

What to bring: Active clothes, water, wraps/sleeves you need for pressing, lifting shoes if you wear them, note book, open mind ready to learn! 


Some pressing videos:


Spots are limited! *No REFUND once purchased*