7 week summer shred contest

7 week summer shred contest


Hey guys, if you are in The Iron Lions FB group, you know what this is all about! If you aren't in the group, well... Shame on you! But you are in luck, all you have to do is ask to join on facebook.


Search "The Iron Lions" on facebook and enter into our community for... 

-Free form checks

-Training talk + articles


-Awesome strength training community


Anyways, this competition runs for 7 weeks!

You will get your own program to do along with it, private facebook group, and weekly live stream videos tailored to help you lose weight. 


We are here to help you succeed and build better eating and training habits. 


In this group we talk more about the details of this challenge and the prizes for the winner, so don't miss out!! 


Let's start the shredding!!