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How Do I Increase My ________ Lift?


How do I increase _______ Lift (insert whatever lift you want)

Is a question I get asked far too often.

Now before we begin there can be a multitude of reasons why your lift is stalling but here are general tips to implement and that I use with my clients who have stalled out on a certain lift.

Have a definite goal for your program.


You can’t be the best powerlifter, strongman, Olympic lifter, crossfitter, or bodybuilder all at the same time. So figure out what you want specifically and go after that.

Frequency of the lift...


Often times I find most athletes frequency for the lift they want to improve on is too low. For example if you deadlift 1x per week, try 2x per week, or even maybe 3x... this doesn’t always have to be the deadlift, but variations of the deadlift (block pull, pause, deficit etc... These variations can be your sticky points in your lift as well. Just try playing around with it and making notes on what you find.

Appropriate stress and a structured periodized program


Going for heavy singles all the time or maxing out every other session in my opinion isn’t going to be the best way to get stronger. Set a goal and a deadline and work backwards. Make sure you have enough time (12-16 weeks) to get enough volume in and then you can taper down the volume/increase intensity as you get closer to the comp or deadline you have set for yourself.

If you keep running the same program over and over again


...and you aren’t going anywhere with it, maybe it’s time to change it up...


Understand that strength training has tons of ups and downs.


You can do all of this and still be stuck scratching your head but then out of nowhere BOOM the magic happens. Too often do we want instant results and if the program doesn’t work in 3 weeks we switch programs or coaches. Give it time and be patient. When you get into strength training you are committing to it for the long term. Enjoy the process, follow through with your program and then reflect on what worked, what didn’t, and where to move forward.


Hope this helps someone out there!

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